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Acceptable Use

Stream Fitness LLC Acceptable Use Policy And Community Guidelines


All users of Stream Fitness LLC, as defined in our Terms of Use, must comply with our Acceptable Use Policy, which places restrictions on how you may use such Services. In these Guidelines, we explain how we interpret those restrictions (Sections 1, 2 and 3 below) and enforce them (Sections 4, 5 and 6 below).

We’re committed to enforcing our Terms of Use and Acceptable Use Policy in a way that balances important individual rights like free expression and privacy with our responsibility to keep Stream Fitness LLC and the broader community safe from harmful materials. Help us do that by following our Policy and Guidelines and reporting content that might violate them.


All content — videos, recordings, live streams, text, images — that you submit to us or create using our Services must comply with our Acceptable Use Policy, which is outlined below..


Before you submit any content, you must ensure that you have all necessary rights to do so. You must either own the content, have obtained appropriate licenses, or have some other clear legal basis to upload it. If your content contains any third-party works (like background music or stock footage), you must also have the right to include those works in your content. 

Uploading infringing materials may expose you to legal liability and could result in the termination of your account in accordance with our Terms of Use.

Content Restrictions

You may not upload content that:

  • Infringes any third party’s copyrights or other rights (e.g., trademark, privacy rights, etc.)
  • Is sexually explicit (e.g., pornography) or promotes a sexual service  
  • Is defamatory 
  • Is harassing or abusive 
  • Contains hateful or discriminatory speech  
  • Promotes or supports terror or hate groups 
  • Provides instructions on how to assemble explosive/incendiary devices or homemade/improvised firearms 
  • Exploits or endangers minors
  • Depicts or encourages self-harm or suicide 
  • Depicts (1) unlawful real-world acts of extreme violence, or (2) animal cruelty or extreme violence towards animals 
  • Promotes fraudulent or dubious money-making schemes, proposes an unlawful transaction, or uses deceptive marketing practices
  • Conveys false or misleading claims about (1) vaccination safety, or (2) health-related information that has a serious potential to cause public harm

Screen Name, Profile Picture and Avatar
You may not use screen names, profile pictures or avatars that are offensive (e.g., names with explicit language), depict any nudity, display symbols associated with gangs, hate groups, or terror organizations, or violate the content restrictions above.

In making decisions, we consider the entire context of the content to determine whether there may be a valid reason for including certain types of speech, such as newsworthiness, discussion of a religious text, criticism, or dramatic or narrative purposes (for fictional works). Such purposes may not be used, however, as mere devices to justify problematic speech (i.e., Restricted Content under our Acceptable Use Policy, as detailed above). We may also consider related content (like title, description, and tags) and information outside of Stream Fitness LLC, such as the user’s activities elsewhere, materials linked from Stream Fitness LLC, and the intended audience.

Our Code of Conduct, sets rules that bar users from (among other things) harassing other users, interfering with our technical measures, spamming, or engaging in inauthentic behavior. “Spamming” includes mass distribution of the same or similar content, content containing links intended to sell the user some dubious item, and the use of bots, scripts, or other automated tools for any purpose. “Inauthentic behavior” includes creating fake accounts, liking or commenting on your own content using another account, and purchasing likes or comments from third-parties.

Reporting Suspected Violations

If you see conduct that violates our terms, you may report it contacting us.


Approach to Moderation

We endeavor to review specific content that is flagged by our users, third parties, and certain software-based systems. We do not endeavor to review every piece of content uploaded to our systems. In addition, when we do review content, it is usually for a particular reason, and so we do not endeavor to review it for all possible terms violations. Nor do we “pre-clear” any content before submission. 

Suspensions, removals and terminations

Violations may result in suspension or removal of videos, account privileges, or your entire account. Account removal will occur in severe cases, such as where you have wilfully or repeatedly violated our terms or have uploaded extremely inappropriate content. If your account is permanently removed, you may not create a new account.

We endeavor to notify account holders of our enforcement decisions by emailing the registered email addresses on file. For this reason, it is important that you keep the email addresses up to date and regularly check your email.

We may, where appropriate, grant grace periods to comply with our requirements. The failure to address our concerns within the provided timeframe will be considered a violation itself absent good cause. 


If you believe that we have made a mistake in moderating your account, you may submit a request to reconsider our decision. 

Legal Effect

These Guidelines provide our definitive views on our restrictions, but are not meant to be exhaustive and shall not be construed to impose limitations or obligations on Stream Fitness LLC that do not appear in our Terms of Use. We may, from time to time, update our Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines to provide guidance on new situations that may arise.



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