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The CrossFit or gym community, for so many, is more than just an intense workout, it’s a lifeline and a family. A few years ago, I was a mom of three kids all under the age of 5. I was struggling to find myself, needing people and desperate to listen to anything other than Paw Patrol on repeat. Enter the local CrossFit box. A couple of friends had been going so I decided to try it, and was instantly hooked. 

Life changed though, like it does for so many of the people that flow in and out of the gym. After a couple solid years of being home with the kids, I decided to enter back into the workforce. Now the challenge was to balance 3 young school age kids, work, family and trying to get to the gym. Can you guess how well that went? 

For some gyms, people coming and going is just part of the equation, but for others, keeping the community tight is a top priority. Either approach comes at a price, and the bottom line is that gym owners and members both have all the best intentions to stay happy, healthy and working out, but life happens. 

The fact is, not everyone can get to the gym. Some, for much more serious reasons. For so many right now, COVID is shutting the doors globally. For decades that equation left out the one thing that could be a whole new way to keep everyone working out, bring the gym home. No, we aren’t talking about popping in that kickboxing DVD from the 90s, we’re talking about LIVE streaming your classes, coaching and community coming to the homes of everyone who wants to be a part of it. 

Regardless of where this pandemic leaves us, the truth is, people will come and go from the gym. Finding a solution that meets people where they are while involving technology that is easy is what people are looking for now and moving forward. If you are ready to meet everyone where they are at, if you are ready to get top workouts and coaching at home, STREAM FITNESS is ready for you.  Get started at

IS YOUR AFFILIATE CLOSED UP DUE TO COVID-19 or are you looking for a solid online solution that isn’t zoom?

Provide us your information and we will send you information on how to get up and running today with Stream Fitness.

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