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Zoom and the fitness world had very little reason to collaborate pre pandemic and there’s a good reason why. Zoom, one of the fastest growing companies in the world, and now a common verb in most households, simply wasn’t built for it. Zoom came on to the scene for a purpose that any office-type employee would be familiar with, the virtual replacement for in-person meetings. Zoom however, in a global pandemic, became something all together different, a place for people to gather, socialize, and learn. It was no longer just about stuffy budget meetings. Enter 2020 and the fitness scene. As gyms all over the world began to shut their doors, like everything else, Zoom seemed like a viable solution to keep the community and workouts alive – at home. 

Ask any coach and they will agree, Zoom is not a virtual replacement for the gym. A band-aid in best circumstances, but for many, the experience on Zoom almost making things worse. The result, weary home athletes giving up the online gym experience altogether and gym owners facing the risk of losing their business. From pesky links, to poor sound, connection issues, and even getting kicked out, these problems and others, revealing that the platform built for meetings was not going to translate for workouts and training. The fitness world struggled, Zoom was a lifeline, but proving to be not much more than that.

Even with its shortcomings, the desire for online streaming live fitness classes is only going to grow in demand, even when the pandemic comes to its inevitable end.

So what is the fitness world to do? Fast forward to fall 2020, where a team of athletes and technicians rose to the challenge of creating a streaming platform that was exclusively for the fitness world. Through the collaboration of world renowned CrossFit athletes, Scott Panchik and Jacob Heppner, the easy and cost effective fix to online fitness streaming has arrived. 

Stream Fitness ( , was created for and by the fitness community. On this platform a coach can have their own channel and hold live fitness classes that actually feel like you are right back in the gym. Every detail was considered, from timers, to streaming music, to the ability to “chirp” (hold conversations one on one without disturbing the entire class), to posting scores and notes in real time on one screen. All of this, as you work out alongside your community. What’s even more exciting for both coaches and home athletes is the ability to explore the platform. Stream Fitness is a space where you can browse various channels, allowing coaches to welcome new community members and anyone at home to take a class anywhere in the world. 

We know that Zoom is helpful for meeting, but for those looking to do more than just meet, Stream Fitness is the solution moving the online fitness community into the future.


Provide us your information and we will send you information on how to get up and running today with Stream Fitness. Until February, we are offering this free to any gym owner or athlete looking to move to virtual.

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