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Stream fitness is the worlds most advanced virtual fitness platform. We have worked with top CrossFit Games Athletes to create a product that brings the fitness community together, when they can't be together. Check out specific benefits below for Athletes and Coaches.

Coaches are able to host LIVE, Pre-Recorded and Pre-Created content. Create unique and innovative online fitness classes by using timers, movements, equipment, scoring and custom workout sections. Heck, you can even send a private voice message to anyone in the class! All inside the largest online fitness marketplace on the planet.

Global Fitness Marketplace


One place to find all your fitness needs. Everything from CrossFit, Lifting and HIIT to Yoga, Barre and Pilates. Set your search criteria by style, intensity or even day of the week.

Open your gym to the world. Create content for users around the globe. Sell LIVE class sessions, recorded On-Demand classes and monthly online membership!

Custom Designed Channels


A Stream Fitness channel is just like a YouTube channel. Upcoming and LIVE classes, Coach Profiles and much more.

Coaches can create their own virtual gym and share it around the world. Whether you are looking to expand your current in-person offering or build your own brand as a fitness expert, Stream Fitness will help you get there!

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    We are the FUTURE OF FITNESS. We are a Full Gym Management system with extended features like streaming online classes and competition hosting, built by world class Crossfit Games athletes.

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